Friday, August 10, 2007

state of play

Well, one great thing about today was that it was payday. I have been unfinancial for about a week now a situation partially related to waiting on a massive expenses claim. Which I am still waiting on but in the meantime I got paid for my hard work. I am savouring the moment right now and in fact have no intention of going on a spree unless you count dinner at some inner city hotel this evening to launch a young couple of our acquaintance on one of those international trips they seem to go on every two months, for 6 weeks at a time.

I have to don my flash overalls for a time and do some more digging, as (a) I want the hole to be dug and (2) I don't want those muscles, such as they are, to atrophy.

Fiona Negrin gave me a bunch of old fanzines, including some I did in the 80s, and it's been a really interesting read. I was particularly intrigued by reading a report I had done for someone else's fanzine about my trip to the UK in, I think, about 1990. It was interesting chiefly because I remembered nothing at all about the events related in the piece, though the events themselves were terribly boring (and I've already forgotten what they were - something about an argument I witnessed on a bus between a white woman and a black man, she was accusing him of stealing her sister's money or something). Also a few issues of the long-running Adelaide fanzine DNA which incidentally is still going. Actually, this is weird:

(1) Last week I was directed to a website which sold a few Australian rock books that looked interesting. I realised this was operated by Harry Butler, the editor of DNA
(2) On Wednesday on my way to Korean class I dropped in at Sticky to get the latest issue of Erinsborough exploits and on the top shelf were a bunch of recent issues of DNA
(3) Then I get these fanzines from Fiona and there are three issues of DNA

No offense at all meant to Harry Butler or his excellent publication, but I hadn't thought about him or it for years. Come to think of it how could that not be offensive? Except that if you always thought about everyone you ever met or knew of, you'd need an extra head. I would anyway.

Now I am listening to the La Femme album. I can't remember why I never got this the first time around but it is really, really good except the crappy 'I wanna be your man' which I think we could all do without.


Anonymous said...

what is this hole for? foundations for future studio space for Mia? Is that it? Not wishing to brag or bring everything back to me, BUT when i dug out backyard and paved it etc, I began to develop genuine muscles. It was, well unexpected. I liked it. I felt like Madonna, impressive upper arms. It was good. They've disappeared already. not so good. keep digging.

David said...

Like you Stephen, my ultimate ambition is to feel like Madonna. Unfortunately since the rain digging in the clay-ey soil has been a drag. Where's a good drought when you need one.

wifey said...

those that have dug in drought conditions, pre quenching rain will know it is much much harder to dig in dry clay soil, think crushed ceramic pots compacted together. madonna is hot btw