Sunday, August 19, 2007

sorry, another dream

I know it's boring for you. Well, I dreamt that I was reading about a beautiful mid-19th century house in an elevated position in Melbourne's CBD where I had never been before. I was reading this in Mojo. Then I was there with a family that in the dream was I think Mia's family, though they were not really revealed, and we were all part of a Jamie Oliver TV show in which we visited a fairly low-key zoo. I think the zoo might have been a tourist attraction attached to the C19 house.

In my dream, every Jamie Oliver show featured a practical joke at the end. In this case the joke was for Bela, while asleep, to have an enormous vampire puppet stuck in his throat. So Bela wakes up and he's choking on the one huge tooth of this puppet, and he disgorges it and it's all rolled up and covered in vomity stuff. I give it to a member of the production team to wash and take away ('I'll find you a plastic bag') and I wonder why they hadn't actually filmed the 'joke'.

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