Friday, September 29, 2006

i'm really interesting

One of my myspace friends, Jihyun, who is artistic and Korean, sent me a message asking me how I was goin'. I told her how I was goin' could generally be gleaned from my blog. And it made me think about my blog and I looked at the last few entries and then picked a random time (June last year) to see what I was into then. God it was fascinating. I can't believe what an interesting life I lead - interesting to me, anyway. I mean I don't know how well I write really (probably adequately but I know I have a format/template and I know how it developed and I know it has quirks, which is not to say it's quirky) but I certainly appeal to myself as a reader. Probably partly because most of what I was writing about in June last year rings true for me, even though I don't recall probably about 40% of it.

Of course some of it is depressing. I know that when I set myself 40+ tasks when Mia went overseas, I only completed about half of them. I was also a bit disturbed to see that my graphic novel is now in its 16th month with only two chapters to show for it, although I guess it is at least progressing slowly but surely. It was pleasing to see how in June last year I was pretty much obsessing over that crappy sessional teaching life - actually at that time I was on contract but whatever - which is now absolutely no part of my life, and I don't miss it one speck. I suppose I see it as only a temporary break.

Anyway, enough reflecting on my interesting self. It's going to rain, and I am going to walk to the tram like I did the week before last, and I'm going to go to work for my usual half-day on a Friday.

Inneresting story on Dannii Minogue in today's (Melbourne) Magazine in The Age, though it didn't go too deep into her psyche. I had a bit of contact with Dannii in the early days of her transition from YTT girl to pop star in her own right. I liked her a lot, and was pretty disturbed by her subsequent plastic surgery disasters. Despite what they say in the article I think it is a tragedy that she's not where Kylie is in the world's affections though it is all relative. Anyway, she'll cope and so will I.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever find out who put the plastic cup in the sink?

David said...

No. And luckily I only very, very vaguely recall this incident.