Friday, September 01, 2006

escape from stalag lorraine

So I was about to begin a delayed meeting re: a paper I'm co-giving next week, when I get a call from the council to say a dog roughly correlating to the description of Millie had been found wandering in Lorraine Crescent. Made my excuses and left. The kind people up the road at No. 31 had put her out in their back garden where she wasn't getting on that terribly well with a big black dog (but no aggro). When I got her home I found a note on the door from our next door neighbours saying they'd found her in the street and put her through the fence - so obviously she'd escaped twice. I'm pretty sure I found the hole - it's where a prickly bush is busting through the fence and Mia put some chicken wire over it but some enterprising individual had apparently pushed a bit down.

If we lived in some of the horror places we have lived in, like that stinkbox in Brunswick Road near Nicholson, then I would have been really worried if Millie got out. And it was weird that she was in the garden at no. 31, which meant she walked right past the walkway to the park and had apparently set off up the road to the main road. As long as she doesn't go up the station and hang out with the chroming kids (who, incidentally, I have still never seen) it's OK. Anyway, I kind of lamely dragged the chicken wire back in place, but it'll probably need some more work. I'll go and look at it incomprehendingly again in a while.

Meanwhile, not getting any work done really...


Lucy Tartan said...

So you wouldn't recommend Brunswick Road as a place to move to, then?

David said...

Planning on it? No, I wouldn't. Although I gather Bert Newton has fond memories.