Tuesday, September 05, 2006

peter bjorn and john

So I got the Peter, Bjorn and John album to review. I think 'Young Folks' is pretty much the best pop song I've heard this year, though admittedly I have heard a few. The video is pretty funny too though I don't think that's what made me like the song particularly. The album has a few songs that are as good as 'YF' as well. I should post more about stuff I hate, as I notoriously write brilliantly about that kind of stuff. As it is all I can manage is a 'it's really good'. Is there an emoticon for 'it's really good'? That would save a lot of trouble too.


richard v said...

agreed. and its actually an album that spans at least 3 decades/genres. clever stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh. I must hear the album. I'm thinking th e Ammerstdam song - is that them? If so not quite my cup of tea. So I wont slag it - but ordinary fits the bill for me.

David said...

That Amsterdam song is the worst on the album, it sounds like Gary Numan's Cars crossed with Typically Tropical's Barbados.