Monday, September 04, 2006

take a tip from us

So I was browsing the 1966 Melways (it's online and way cool)and checked out the spot where our house is. Hey, Joan and Ed up the road had told us there used to be a tip there when they moved in, which was in the early 70s, so I wasn't thoroughly surprised to see that once had you sauntered, or gone anyway you liked (in those days I believe a go-kart pulled by a goat was a favoured method) down Lorraine Crescent you'd end up at the Broady tip. I guess I was just shocked that it was shaped like a giant yellow slug that had its head cut off by Johnstone St.


boy said...

Favoured method was a rickshaw don't ye know

Anonymous said...

Ilove the 1966 Melways. I love 1966 in general ( my first car HR holden was built in 1966)I love the fact I was 5 then. Love love summer of love