Sunday, September 17, 2006

driving past record launch

Was quite a night, or for me, an afternoon/ night (I was there for soundcheck at 4 and left at 2). Empress is a pretty great venue, after all these years, and we played pretty alright. Silver Ray and royalchord were wonderful, perfect supports and I really enjoyed both. Thanks to them and to everyone who came.

Image is Mia packing the Honda in Nicholson St late at night. That thing is a Tardis.

Speaking of which (this is not a segue, just stream of consciousness) last night's Dr Who was a corker, although the suggestion at the end of the ep that Elton and Ursula had a love life freaked/grossed me out and is probably something I will return to in 'down' moments for a long time to come.


boy said...

Good enough to lick your face? I don't know David

David said...

Thanks for reminding me

richard v said...

details of the disc please? would like to order it where i work...

David said...

You can order it from
Jacana Records
PO Box 2116
Gladstone Park Vic 3043

thanks for the interest Richard