Monday, October 02, 2006

things to do with gladstone park shopping centre

I was up at Gladdy a few hours ago and it was freakin' going off. If that means 'closing up for the night'. I bought some ginger, garlic, capsicum and coriander, also, some vintage margaret river cheese, and some tomatoes. Vine-ripened naturellement.

Why wuz I up at Gladdy? Well, like a billion other Melbournians, I was unable to travel home by train tonight, cuz there was a power outage of some sort on the lines, so I rang my mother and asked if I could, sorry, cud borrow her car to get home. She said I cud. And on the way home I bought the abovementioned at Gladstone Park Shopping Centre.

I also fitted in time to have a ride (it wuz a bit hot so I took my shirt off), and also took the opportunity to laugh at the punning possibilities of a 'reel' hose, ho ho. In a very whimsical mood tonight no doubt cuz I woke up at 3:30 this morning and did not go back to sleep.

I saw Vera di Campli as I wuz leaving work she wuz eating an apple.


Galaxy said...

Do those ingredients suggest you cooked something good for dinner? Spill the coriander! Plz.

Even the door bitch agrees: ryeqa

David said...

Mia made an excellent stir fry. The ingredients were her suggestion. The SF did not include margaret river cheese (or tomatoes)

Wayne said...

I was wondering where Mr. Blobby was these days.

David said...