Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Two Buddies

To be honest I don't have the time, energy or motivation to listen to this all the way through (it's on youtube) but the snippets I have listened to suggest that it is largely a horrible version of Holly Days which no-one in their right mind would want to own. I can't really speak with authority on this, but no-one else on the internet seems to have cared enough to reviewed or written about it as a product. In sum, tracks 1-8 might be 'demos' for Holly Days (the other tracks are a completely jarringly different piece of music perhaps from McCartney II era, and some live tracks recorded with the Crickets at the third annual 'Buddy Holly Week' in 1979).* But it's surely extremely suspicious that they are presented in the same sequence of tracks 1-8 of Holly Days and that they sound like someone turned on a tape recorder in a room where the Holly Days album was playing, or perhaps, did something weird with EQ to a recording of Holly Days. 

I am not sure why this engages me as a topic, so let's not bother worrying about it any longer OK. 

*'Twenty Years After', London Guardian 1 September 1978 p. 8; Sylvie Simmons, 'Beatles reunion scuttled by publicity', Fort Worth Star-Telegram 3 October 1979, p. 33


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