Wednesday, March 11, 2009

tdmi #2

Skinny, bullet-headed youngish drug addict* all sweaty with a runny nose at North Melbourne station carrying on an external monologue in a pushy, bitchy, dregsy, camp voice. When he comes to the walkway above the platforms he stands in front of the many destination screens a la Peter Finch in Network and cries: 'Oh god. They don't even give you any information about where the trains go from. How are you supposed to find the right train.'
Possibly someone tells him that he only has to look behind him, because shortly afterwards it's an even more anguished:
'How do you know what number the platform is!'

* Be fair, he could have played 'Junkie no. 2' in any tv show so I am just assuming he was an addict to something, but who knows, perhaps it was his first and last time, hence his disorientation and talkativeness.

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