Tuesday, March 03, 2009

graffiti crimes II: graffiti crimeser

Rimimber thus? As Steve Gilpin used to say on his blog. I know, I know, accent 'jokes' - they are beneath me. It was Steve! Anyway, there's more, as I discovered recently looking at the front of Purdom (there are seven stages of purdom, by the way - it being a cross between purgatory and boredom - not really, it's a fine book, I like it a lot). (Great diagrams when someone's not drawing japanese sheilas on it).

I don't know what it's about. The book has a lot of big blank pages in it (at the beginnings of chapters, etc) but our little mincing pal really likes to add his dream ladies to extant diagrams. Notice how the hair perhaps reminds one of what an old girlfriend of mine used to call when sketching ladies fashions 'her bust'. There is another one with only one eye, which is creeping me out a bit (a little like that porn script about eunuch schoolboys watching porn which I accidentally happened on a few days ago) so I'll save it.


Tom Kristensen said...

This one is not so nice as the last one, but still there is a theme here, and a theme is further evidence of artistic intent

David said...

Yes I think this one is called 'My head is Letchworth Railway Station'