Friday, March 27, 2009

should i let them hate me?

I am very partial to the spinach pies produced by a bakery not far from home, which is run by some men who clearly are disgusted every time I come in and try to partake of their wares. At first I thought I was just oversensitive, but slowly I have come to be of the opinion they wish I would die. They seem to try to get rid of me by always trying to sell me something other than that which I ask for, or to heat it up or, as happened this morning, charge me a dollar more than the advertised price.

I have tended to assume in my multiculturally tolerant way that since they run a shop and take my money, and I really like their product, that I should feel happy to go in there whenever I please and make purchases from them. But should I oppress them in this way with my money and wants? What do you think?


boy moritz said...

chrissy hynde brass in pocket syndrome, make a music video depicting the struggle

Ann oDyne said...

Maybe they are from a culture which is insulted if you do not haggle over price?

Are you their only Skippy?

If the pie is so good, then it's worth a dollar more?

all else fails you -
learn how to make really really good spinach pies yourself.

Shakespeare would knock out a play about this sort of dilemma.

Guy Morton said...

Yes. It makes them feel superior, thus you are bringing happiness into the world. You should dress up like Jesus before you visit next time, perhaps with some mock stigmata and a crown of thorns.