Saturday, March 14, 2009

sixty years of being written on

Nothing too special about this image in itself I am just amazed by the way that people think that writing on a page (which they don't own, but that's another thing) is somehow supposed to be seen by subsequent readers as an important indication of how it has been previously read. I mean, it suxs.


deskbound said...

Do you mean, "It sux"?

David said...


David said...

But thanks for asking

Ann oDyne said...

I DeFace
therefore, I suck.

I am having this dilemma myself with a book that I OWN.
Got it for 50c at a junk shop, and having read it 3 times I amcompelled to post it to friend with some serious highlighting, but whoa! Guugle search reveals this book is going for 77 quid at online auctions of rare books.
To highlight or not?
My hardcover with mint dustjacket has torn flyleaves and would not fetch big bucks, but I feel like a vandal to mark it.

Ann oDyne said...

re Mediaeval Town Planning: My blogpal Hughesy the archaeologist writes great posts on digging up roman stuff at Fyre and Wylde Archaeology blog.

and if you know anything about the destruction/disappearance of Robin Boyds Southgate Fountain then please wade into the discussion at HighRiser blogspot.