Friday, March 27, 2009

found some stuff

I have probably previously mentioned how Andrew Withycombe once said something very wise, wry and funny to me: 'Life's not that short'. And I go looking in the back room for stuff and I find one of my old sketchbooks, and because I seem to have gone back to it a few times, it's a mixture of things dating back to my undergraduate days (eg the address of a girl I was in a history class with, her name was Antigone) and things from the last few years (a New Estate handbill) and notes from the Blairmailer album recording sessions (1993?) and so on - it's hard to make much sense of as an object in itself, particularly since half the pages and the cover have been torn off.

This was in there on loose pages, I had forgotten that we had gone so far as to design a record cover for this one-afternoon-supergroup, I think one of the tracks ended up being on a 555 compilation - funny. I wonder why we never released the single. It might have been good.

I vaguely remember working on this narrative and I seem to recall that this was about 1996. I was obviously frustrated ultimately by the way I messed up the carriage wheel because I for some reason drew it a more appropriate size and then ended up abandoning the whole page, apparently. There wasn't any other part of this long comic strip in the sketchbook so either I ripped out all the bits that I did use, or... dunno. I think that's the only possible explanation, really.

There are a lot of these kinds of notes, which I guess kind of date from the days before I knew how to make notes properly and was sort of going through the, or some, motions. I don't really know what this refers to. It may have had something to do with my honours thesis from 1995, but that's just surmise.

This is an odd sketch I did, I guess of two of the main characters in one of the billions of longer comic strip narratives I started and didn't really finish called 'I am not your superstar'. I don't usually do sketches like this, but in this case, it would appear, I did.

There is something about this that makes me feel a bit weird. I wonder what I was trying for. Well, what does any doodler try for? You begin as a doodle and you go on to make change in the world, don't you. Right on.

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because she made me said...

You're right it's a bit weird. In a men to pork chop machine kinda way. But I like it.

Incidentally, the code word i have to type is "ability", which I consider a somewhat confronting task: to type it into a box situated next to the dude in the wheelchair, really Blogger, have some sensitivity.

Oh no, on second look it's "ablity" - damn you, Blogger, and your evil maniacal laugh.