Thursday, February 05, 2009

craps and claps

Craps to - it's going to be 43 degrees on Saturday
Claps to - the norwegian rye I got at the Victoria Market on Saturday
Craps to - the fact that the facebook group opposing the term 'at the end of the day' has not stamped out use of the term 'at the end of the day'
Claps to - broccolini
Craps to - I feel a bit fluey but it can't be
Claps to - Lewis Mumford
Craps to - Julie Bishop. What a creep.
Claps to - the magpies outside the kitchen window this morning
Craps to - conference paper I never seem to have time to work on
Claps to - you for sharing my pain thus far. Have a grouse day.


Ann oDyne said...

re Julie Bishop:
it irks me that she gets none of the viciousness directed at JuliA Gillard, yet deserves it more than Gillard does.
Much more.
Underneath, Gillard is a pussycat,
Pussycat Bishop is STEEL underneath.
Please never let us forget BishopSnakes On A Plane when
she threw her body between Malcontent Turnbull and
(some threat I forget. bwah ha).

re 'fluey': scoff a bag of salty crisps anytime you feel 'a throat' coming on. salt is antiseptic and kills those viruses breeding in the moist warmth of the epiglotis.

re Magpies: oh the joy. I love them.

bren luke said...

Julie Bishop's creepy eyes give me the heebidy-geebidys.

tony said...

Lewis Mumford is cool