Monday, September 01, 2008

this had better not be another cold

What kind of a sneaky cold just sneaks off to the background for a week, then leaps in again on a Monday morning? Prescriptions please.

Mia and I saw Not Quite Hollywood on the weekend. I wrote about it at Sarsaparilla (see right).

Now I am going to ride my bike home from work and kill that cold on the way.


Anonymous said...

sophie c here: my cold has been lurking for 4 weeks. it is INFURIATING. people tell me it's a virus, not a cold, thus its particularly bad behaviour.

Anonymous said...

the cold is a virus, silly.

Anonymous said...

hi David,
as the music/composer i agree with you about the early/late 1970s music thing. The original deal was that all music had to be from Alberts, which was cool and i picked all Vanda & Young obscurities like Marcus Hook Roll band and Stevie Wright stuff, but then the producers struck a different deal and all that went out the window. So there is merit to your comment. Plus i hate The Angels & even Rose Tattoo. I love dragon. Of course my own soundtrack music sounded perfectly like anonymous early 70’s sub-ted-Mulry/morning of the earth rock! So much so that most people can’t tell difference. Not you though - you like Bakery- who did a rock-mass concept record. Heatwave is so naff on so many levels as i overheard a young person say on the train yesterday. Mark Hartley has enough good material for a 4 hour series/dvd. don’t know if it will happen? The producers hassled him over the cut - also there was hardly any budget. My criticism would be the editing is so fast it gets visually draining, but I’m old & from the early 1970s. didn't get to new estate gig - Mia said they wouldn't be playing till after midnight, which is way past my bed time.