Sunday, September 21, 2008

nuttelex news

Hey guess what! Nuttelex has entered the 20th century with *new* packaging with sunflower (?) photographs and a rebranding of 'Nuttelex original'!!! (As opposed to Nuttelex Cinnamint and Nuttelex Chocogasm I guess). BUT WHAT ABOUT THE NUTTELEX SQUIRREL. Fell or pushed? 


bren luke said...

Is NUTT-ing sacred?

David said...

Apparently NUT

Daddy Nostalgie said...

sunrise sunset
sunrise sunset
Swiftly flow the days
nuttelex turns overnight to sunflowers
Squirrels falling as we gaze

Jessica said...

this makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

squirrels come
squirrels go
where the nuts are
no one knows

Anonymous said...

Sergent Shultz said I know nutting

Anonymous said...

shhhh Secret Squirrel

Anonymous said...

You are nut alone