Wednesday, September 24, 2008

hound parade and more

So yes we went to the Show yesterday, saw the hound parade (these were fox hounds so they look a bit like elasticated beagles, they certainly crapped a lot and I imagine that out in the field chasing foxes their owners must be very busy with the plastic bags picking that up) but they were very impressive to look at and they ran around the horses (who were much, much more freaked out than any of the hounds). If I recall accurately the hounds all have names beginning with the same two letters (eg 'Wi...' - no examples were given but I suppose Winnie, Wiggy, Wireless, Winsome, Wistful, Wizard etc) and this perpetuates through the generations to make their line easily identifiable.

After the hound parade, we went for a long stroll to the dog hall because we knew that the beagles were on site that day and, not content with our own, were greedy to look at more. On the way Mia insisted we look at the woodchopping which she claims she has always wanted to see but it had never been on when she was there. I still fail to understand what it is or why.

The dog hall was a little disappointing insofar as there were no beagles or in fact that's not true - they were there, but they were in Aisle A where members of the public are not allowed to go! Very odd. Anyway, we did see a few accidentally and I enjoyed all the other dogs particularly the wolfhounds and the other houndier animals. Where we went then I forget, actually I think it was the fowl display, which was very exciting, some of those creatures really do make me think of Eraserhead, not just the bit with the dead chicken. But they all seemed pretty cheery in a funny, freaked out way. I suppose they take it as it comes and they may as well. 

Then we headed for the arts and crafts, which was of course what it's really all about. I think I will let Mia's photographs of this tell the story for the remainder of this post - possibly best arts and crafts display ever even if it is a bit thingy that the a&c is mixed in with the school art now. I mean it's convenient but it is a bit thingy. 

Here is a magnificent operating theatre rendered in cake: genius!

Love the faces on these two:


And and:

Showbags? We got a few chip bags, Mia wouldn't stop playing with this silly Freddo paddleboard which she claimed was the worst toy ever but kept her entertained, and there was also the Ovalteenies bag - you know these things where you see a showbag dedicated to some product you haven't thought of for years and then it's a showbag? Yeah, that kind of feeling. 

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Where is the show? It looks good.