Saturday, September 06, 2008

goodbye old scourge, hello new

So we went out for a walk this afternoon and got quite a bit of good research done. One thing we found particularly interesting (I mean, the power of a good sturdy blog or what!?) was that the car I bitched about last week, is now gone.

However unfortunately we have instead encountered a rash of trolleys. I think the local kids, in their artless creativity, weave these from chicken wire and race each other down the reserve, but knowing no love of material possessions and distracted - by ipods and reality tv probably - they then leave them there to rot.
Memo to self call Hume Council Monday AM and get them to move these things.


bren luke said...

It's the circle of life. Hey, we saw you on the telly last night!

Emily said...

Report them to Trolley might win a prize!