Tuesday, May 06, 2008

the waste land

Twice at Broady plaza Coles (the second time last Sunday) I have refused a plastic bag which was already nicely hand-padded out on the rack for me to use, only to see it ripped from its holder and thrown in the bin: If you won't have it, no-one can! I know morale is low at Coles so I have not made a fuss.

This morning in Parkville I saw a council worker who had parked his vehicle in the street but left it running, so, emitting needless exhaust, so he could run a leaf-blower over the pavement - it was drying the dew more than it was blowing any leaves, and as I went by he directed it towards a gutter drain where there was a bit of detritus collected and succeeded in dislodging a bit, but didn't really try hard at all. It was all pretty pathetic.

Now I take a bike/train combination to work I enjoy being self-righteous about this kind of stuff, one more bit of s-r I can dabble in.


wayne's tony said...

Do you bike to the station? I haven't biked in for a while because it's getting dark at night. I might borrow Wayne's folding bike to see if I can ride to Swinny, then I could fold it up and put it on the train home.

David said...

In recent weeks my MO has been: in the morning before 7, ride to Jacana station (10 mins) then take train to Kensington and ride to my workplace from there (15 mins); coming home, ride from workplace to suitable station north of Essendon and board train there, as most people get off at Essendon. But I'm still working out the most efficient way of doing it. The problem with using the train is of course a lot of other people do too.

drip drip drip said...

Wear fluoro or white when on your bike at night.

Miss Schlegel said...

Did you know China is banning free plastic bags?

I find it very interesting. It makes me suspect we've been sold a pup about what gratuitous polluters they are. They only other place I've spent any time where they've banned plastic bags is Sweden.