Tuesday, May 13, 2008

four coincidences

#1. This morning I read an article by a writer/historian I will refer to as AT, about a specific pre-WWI suburban settlement. In the afternoon I emailed a regional academic I will refer to as MF to ask her details on a historical figure, AL, I have been asked to write a biographical snippet on. She told me that AL's father was one JL, a forester who died in the early 20th century. The book about JL was entirely unconnected to the article I read in the morning, yet it was written by the same AT.

#2. This afternoon I opened a 1930s pulp novel written by another historical figure, CS, who I have similarly been asked to write a biographical snippet on, but who has otherwise no connection to AL. In the list of other books by the same publisher is a book written by someone with exactly the same very uncommon (woman's) name as MF.

#3. In Readings this afternoon I saw a record by the Sand Pebbles. I thought 'I wonder what the Sand Pebbles are doing'. When I got home they'd sent me their record.

#4 How often does one get such an extraordinary batch of coincidences together in the one day? Coincidence!


Ann O'Dyne said...

Life frequently throws these moments at us.
I have stories too.
The moral is, of course, never ever LIE, as the whole world goes round in more circles than it's orbit.

David said...

Thank you Ann for that advice.