Sunday, May 18, 2008

today's rainbow

It did join up completely, I just couldn't fit it all in one picture.


Ann O'Dyne said...

Another 'Crescent' !
It is quite thrilling to be driving in the country and see the entire arc, and I wonder why that makes us feel lucky.

you are also lucky enough to be a Tag-ee of a book meme if you don't mind swinging by my place

(well it's not my place actually because I am house-sitting, so I suppose Dysthymia is my only home *sigh*)

peace and love

David said...

"Reach for nearest book,
Turn to page 123
Find the fifth sentence and
Post the next three sentences."

'"Harkoo has died, and Maylui must return to his own people."
This man had already to disappeared, and to his own people, as his subsequent appearance in this story will show.
"There shall be no more killing," repeated Ballanda.'

Conrad H. Sayce, The Splendid Savage Blackie & Co, 19thirtysomething.

Having just finished reading this turgid white supremacist fantasy of a byegone age, I am surprised I don't recall this particular incident halfway through the book, but then again, I'm not. It is pretty much just two white men of splendid physique and good cricket skills roaming amongst tribes and scattering the seed of British ideals of pluck amongst them without the slightest hope that any of the noble notions will 'take' with the venal and non-splendid savages. I think Harkoo must have been a witch doctor, or perhaps Maylui was the witch doctor who Ballanda later shot off a cliff top.

boy moritz said...

yr weird

Ann O'Dyne said...

I'm so glad you added that Disclaimer, I had been thinking "why on earth would Mr.Crescent be reading this turgid white supremacist fantasy ...

I learn something everyday from the WWW and today it was Conrad Sayce bless his white socks.

I am currently impressed by a quirky photographer blogger in NYC - bands playing in the rain, famous politicians, Havana, Gaza Strip .... and taxis, please Please visit him and enjoy it