Tuesday, March 11, 2008

think calm thoughts

I realise that everyone gets angsty when I get the shits with the world, or connex, which is not of this world and does not belong in it. I have also been having headaches which remind me of the best joke in any Woody Allen film since about 1980, in Everyone says I love you, where it is revealed that the Alex Keaton-type member of the otherwise liberal family was that way because of a brain tumour. Well, a work colleague told me that headaches were going round caused by a virus (I immediately wanted to yell MENENGITIS?!*) but that kind of rallied my antibodies because I wasn't going to have a second virus in the space of two months, and my headache went away (well, I also took Herron). (Then Panadol).

At least there are dogs, cats and fine literature in the world to keep me pacified most of the time. Millie's wound has finally healed so I took her and Charlie to the park last night. Charlie freaked for reasons she could not communicate and she ran to the other side of the road and would not go into the park (then she went home). I put them both back on their leads and took them through the park that way. Charlie's hackles still rose but she suffered to be led. Weird though. I guess it's so long since she's been in our local reserve it smelt strange or something (she's been for walks elsewhere but I've avoided the local because they always end up wading in the creek/lake, and that wouldn't be good for Millie's wound). I also bathed them on Sunday which was very satisfying for me and possibly them too, at least, they love it. Millie particularly likes to be brushed afterwards which apparently is pretty much the epitome of tactile thrills. Charlie on the other hand is terrified of the brush, or so excited by it she can't believe it exists, or whatever, but she runs away. Talk about a rough tough cream puff.

Meanwhile I have just been writing lectures, watching Underbelly with my old lady, wondering what happened to the rye bread with carroway seeds I so enjoy until recently available from Coles, and doing the washing.

* Glad I didn't though as I now realise it is meningitis.


jacket fits too tightly, blood inside my boots said...

hmmm more "serenity now!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me of the brain tumour joke in Everyone Says I Love You!

Ginger said...

This is a particularly excellent and funny post. And it doesn't mention Connex. Not that I'm saying those things are connected.