Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I saw my ancient friend Vera di Campli san Vito on Monday, we both work in the same place, it was around 6 pm and she asked me why I was walking on that part of campus, and I said I'm going to get and we said it at the same time - 'the 401!' We agreed it was a tremendous innovation (she lives in Seddon so of course she is happy to take advantage of a quicker way to N Melbourne as am I). I said I don't know what I'll do at the end of semester when they stop running it (which I naturally assumed they would as they waited till 1st day of semester to start running it) and she had a little brochure she was using as a bookmark and she said no, look, it will just be a reduced service.

I mean we were like a full-on suckvertisement for public transport, sans mention of mowing anyone's lawn.

Part 2 came yesterday when I was on the 401 and a girl behind me said to her travelling companion, 'this is a great service!' Everyone is happy. I was particularly happy because I had got off my train where I had sat across from a huge man in tight light green pants with an enormous black case/bag/holdall who had been talking to himself with conversational intonations for some time. You know when someone starts talking in public and you think, 'gee I really hope they have just somehow silently answered the phone?' In this case I didn't want to look but ultimately glanced and no, he didn't have one.

And just to make it worse, he was talking in a foreign language.

Then you're on the 401 and you think, maybe he blew us sky-high, we're in heaven and this is it.

PS: The power of the internet, or me in particular, is quite amazing. Two hours after posting the above (or boave, as we say online) I was at N Melbourne and for the first time had to queue to get on the 401. Looks like I'll have to find some new obscurity to champion.

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wayne's tony said...

Even worse, when you think the person across from you on the train is talking on their phone and then you realise they are actually talking into their imaginary phone, making lots of imaginary phone calls to different people to organise a "smack down". I'm not sure what that is, but it also involved ordering imaginary pizza to be delivered there.

The bus sounds great.