Friday, March 21, 2008


Actually looking at Chant No. 1 on youtube it isn't quite as brilliant as I remembered it - it's all too slick - though this clip is pretty good, particularly the bit where he's looking in the mirror, which is probably what they teach you on day one at film school but I'm still impressed. I remembered somehow this morning there's one other Spandoo song I really like, which is 'Confused', a track on their first album, much better than the rest of the tosh on that record but that's not saying much it's good anyway. I am rather surprised that I ever took the time to listen to that album and make any kind of judgement, particularly since, looking at it again on Wikipedia I notice that a la Borat it has that very annoying device in the title banner of using cyrillic Ds as As. Now if you want to talk about crimes against typography, and I know you do, there is one.


Wayne said...

Most of Journeys To Glory, is pretty good, IMHO, but not as much as that picture of the duck in knitwear on your blog. That's fancy.

lucy tartan said...

where does the duck stop and the knitwear begin?