Monday, February 04, 2008

what relation is your cousin's child to you?

Because I met my cousin Noah's baby yesterday, and I suspect I am something pathetic like second cousin to her, and virtually anyone can be your second cousin can't they. But there was nothing to suggest she is anything but a very nice baby, and that's a wonderful thing and he and Emily are to be congratulated. Martha looks a lot like Noah looked when he was a child - rather a shock because you expect babies to just look kind of doughy. But wow, you know. Fortunately she doesn't look like he does now as he has quite a mane, tatts and a spider bite.

This meeting transpired when I went to my aunt's house yesterday with Michael, Nicola and Laurie. Laurie at 2 yrs 1 month has 2500% more vocabulary than he did three months ago, which means he knows pretty much every word in English and I guess he will soon be branching out into other languages. He took me through every toy in a box he had and named its species (there were a lot of elephants) except one doll with wings (an angel or a fairy I would have said), which he declared a teddy bear. I remarked on its wings and he said it was a butterfly.

Maybe you had to be there. Anyway he said a lot more wonderful things but I shan't go on.


sophie said...

Yes, you're second cousins. Actually, I'm close to a couple of my second cousins. They're like aunts.

spades of said...

Is your parent's cousin your cousin once removed?