Thursday, February 07, 2008

greetings from a watery grave

Can you believe this weather I say to myself and no-one else because one minute I am just on the sunshine coast saying goodbye to my colleagues as we drift back mainly southwards, next thing I know the mongoose is upon us (to quote Pete n Dud), and it is absolutely pouring so much so that me, still so unused to like rain, drive the car to the library and get out and run in and by the time I get there (20 seconds max) it is like I bathed in my clothes, no-one here in the Caloundra library is particularly impressed or interested by the deluge however so I am keeping my panic under wraps.

It's a good library, the Caloundra Library, built in 1986. Known as the John L. Beausang Library. I have also spent time in the Stan Tutt Heritage Room.

See you again soon, or on the other side if I am washed away.

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Kirsty said...

You're in sunny Queensland? Well, I'm glad we're turning it on for you. That was quite a summer storm you got caught in. Maybe if you'd been carrying an umbrella they would've paid more attention. You know they're too tough for umbrellas up that way.