Sunday, February 24, 2008


Drove Mia to Bunnings to get D rings (you hang pictures via them) and then we each had a pretzel from the great pretzel place at Broady. If I had a month to live I would just sit in there all day eating their pretzels and occasionally going to the gelo bar (30 seconds away) but sadly I do not.

One week till teaching begins. It is no doubt only a matter of time before my students uncover this blog, if they give a loose root about anything I do outside lecturing/ seminaring them. Well, that is fine, I don't do anything here I'm ashamed of particularly unless you count revealing my appallingly boring behaviour. (A colleague I respect said the other day he was impressed by my ability to write 60 000 words on a relatively obscure subject, I told him my specialty was to find boring things interesting.)

Applecore yesterday was pretty great, what I saw of it (I got sick of it after a while, particularly when the drink started to kick in amongst those around me and they got all talky about totally nothing). Unfortunately the great fig trees in the garden where it was being held were not offering anything of edible standard, either too unripe or too ripe. Sad as I was quite into the figs all day thang which incidentally leads me to momentarily go off onto another tangent of things I find staggeringly irritating in 2008:

1. People who say thang
2. Discussions about vegetarianism
3. People who, in seeking to convey how annoying they find a particular sound, way of talking, etc, replicate it really loudly
4. People who might be accusing me of being a revisionist historian (if it's me they mean)
5. People who titter
6. Boys who utter obscenities on the train.


Babs Pegg said...

Please sir, i hope you don't lecture us on your dreams this semester.

David said...

Just you wait

B. Pegg said...

holding back the Zs . . . as Syphilis Red once sang.