Tuesday, February 26, 2008

two dreams I had last night, the common feature being (titter) herbal

Dream # 1. The body of a Canadian gangster named Basil Edwards, described by Kings Cross police during the peak of his career in the 1950s as 'sexy', is found disfigured (armless) standing upright in the desert near Birdsville. The body had last officially been seen in Newcastle in the 70s where police there took official possession of it.

Dream # 2. I am walking through a suburban landscape of spanish bungalows with Rene Schaefer, who tells me that Connal Parsley, once a member of JJJ faves Your Wedding Night, has moved to upstate New York with his young daughter, to live with members of the group True Love Always. 'He was always a step ahead of the rest of us', says Rene, a statement I find profoundly irritating. (At least he doesn't say anything about Connal doing a thang).

Interpretations please.

Oh, I just realised one connection - Basil Edwards, Connal Parsley. That can't be a coincidence, though it is pretty stupid. The Basil Edwards (made-up name, as far as I know) dream came first.

Later: As I went through some notes I had made on Worsley's book on the J C Nichols Estates of Kansas City, I realised I had also suggested to self that I investigate two books by an author called Connell. This puts a spin on the possible interpretation of the Your Wedding Night-True Love Always connection, which superficially would be kind of obvious. Especially taken along with the fact that the 'Basil' dream came before the 'Parsley' dream.

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