Friday, April 28, 2006

new job

I feel sufficiently confident, having finally received the offer of employment, to confirm publicly that I will have a new job on a very different campus in a month or so and everything will change. No more teaching at least for the remainder of the year and possibly (in fact, probably) a little more interesting travelling. In a sense it's two jobs - I have a four day a week research position till the end of '08 and a shorter research thing for the second half of the year. Both of these might involve going to my favourite state capitals etc. (My favourites are all of them, so that's great). Hopefully there will also be the opportunity to work on a few other projects I am totally committed to, if not overcommitted to... well, of course, definitely overcommitted to.

Now I will make a list of things to do, and later I'll tell you whether I've done them or not

Take paperwork to new workplace
Write a review of the new Church album
Assemble the wheelbarrow (this is not a metaphor)
Check PO box
Do some washing (of various household clothing/bedding items)
Do some washing (of two filthy beagles)
Clean out the fridge
Pick Mia up from airport
Submit some invoices
Submit some essay marks
Make some bread
Do the other things that have to be done which I've forgotten already


Lucy Tartan said...


Lucy Tartan said...

David, Would you email me? I can't find an email address for you around here.

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