Wednesday, April 12, 2006

bloody gnawer

Charlie has a distinct interest in chewing on the arm of this very nice chair (the upholstery of which really suffered from the attention of Millie as a puppy, which is why it is now covered in something a nice lady crocheted and gave to an opshop). She really locks her jaw on it and bites, and looks at us on the couch while she's doing it. Yes it is an attention-getting/power-assertion device. Of course it is. However in this case I think she is just resting her head on there without the slightest thought of, I really want to sink my teeth into this mother.

In other news the amount of essays I am churning through is making me quite light-headed. I very nearly responded to a student's email with the words 'cool bananas'. Of course I stopped in time and amended it to 'fuckin' A'.


Lucy Tartan said...

Have you ever written something really cruel then tried to undo the psychological harm with



David said...

No, but thanks for the tip ;)

boy said...

Just be thankful you don't have a beaver

nora said...

Thanks - it's about time someone gave me a break.

boy said...

Oh, Nora. You must be the arm chair