Monday, April 10, 2006


Someone out in the street has a totally old-school car alarm. Reminds me of the old days when car alarms were first invented, or popularised, or available or whatever. It was when I just started working as a mail sorter at the Sydney GPO. You can imagine how I remember.

For a very quiet, very suburban street we have a lot of things going on out there. Why people drive down Lorraine Crescent at all is beyond me as it is basically a crescent so all you do is lose a minute of your life you'll never get back which you could have used more constructively if you'd kept driving down Johnstone St. But then again life's all about the journey, that's a philosophy I subscribe to, and it is a pretty attractive street, as long as there are no nappies in it, which I concede there sometimes have been.

I am drinking some nice Margaret River wine and thinking I really should go to bed, as I have an early start tomorrow. But (this is a revolting term but it does seem appropriate) we have broken the back of first semester, and speaking of breaking we have Easter coming up which means a week off, which for sessionals like myself also means not as much money, but fortunately I committed to marking every essay written at the Uni this semester and even though I only get a farthing for each it all adds up dunnit.

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