Thursday, April 06, 2006

reeking havoc

Now I love the Flinders St kiosks as much as anyone else, including you who practically runs a fan club for them. But you have to admit they stink of rancid old oil and when you walk past them you often feel ill. I know I shouldn't complain about things I can't change but these things smell terrible and I don't even have a good sense of smell.

Technical information: Picture was taken through a train window purely for the purpose of reducing glare. Camera was a Motorola V620 on darkest setting. Scratches were caused not by me scraping ineffectually at the air in front of me as I try so hard to show my displeasure but by... something else.


boy said...

Can you explain why all your photos look like a creepy still from a Brian De Palma movie?

David said...

Because there's no other kind

Dorian said...

The kiosk on platform one is better than the others, I often indulge in one of their potato cakes. Also if you spend more than $7 in one hit you get a free watch according to the sign.