Friday, April 14, 2006

ghost of easters past

I had a little sentimental nausea earlier today when I switched on the radio and instead of the usual Fran Kelly it was old religious programming. Oh yeah, we're a Christian nation, I was trying to forget and oh, plus, we're not really. But it did remind me of the bad old days when Good Friday was the single most awful holiday you could get, worse even than Boxing Day, because there was absolutely nothing to watch on tv or nothing to buy. It was a pandora's box of absolute ennui. Still is, I guess, pretty much although these days I am a little more able to entertain myself. You know, go out and bounce a tennis ball against the wall, or get Mia to drop me naked in the street a few suburbs away and I have to get back without anyone seeing me.


Wayne said...

The naked thing is even more fun if you include a Space Hopper.

Dorian said...

Laura is in the kitchen playing with a wind-up black Jesus and a plastic rabbit that says 'You suck and that's sad' on it.

Lucy Tartan said...

Oh I am, am I?