Tuesday, June 03, 2014

tuesday am

Well, I woke up at 3:33 this morning (I assume. I didn't look at the clock for a few minutes, by which time its was 3:36. But all other things being equal...). So I have been awake nearly three hours now, tidying up and so on. It's raining heavily, which is great, but I washed all my gym stuff last night and it's all wet as hell, so I'm not going this morning. It is nice to shower in an actual shower, rather than in that changing room with people expectorating (and for all I know, ejaculating) all around me.

I know the buzz around town is my beard and I must say already it is getting legendary status. I am 85% happy with it. I must say there are distinct moments which I have to recognise and guard against, when I think 'I could actually shave this off'. But it's taking on a life of its own, and won't let me. I now can't recall why I decided this was a good thing to experiment with for the first time ever (almost), and I only know I made the decision a few weeks ago intellectually, it seems destined. I do recall hearing - probably on a podcast - someone musing on beards and saying that it's less of a decision to grow a beard, and more of a decision to not let a beard grow. Now, I am all about not making decisions. So I realised a beard was my default position.

However, now I gather that there is also a question of maintenance. This could go horribly weird. I need to be someone with more subjectivity about what I look like and why. Or, I need to find someone who can advise me. I only know I am not going to get a beard like Rolf Harris's. Because look what's happened to him.

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AB said...

Perhaps start a beard club that initially convenes once a week, to accommodate the current needs. Club could later convene once per month as you get accustomed to your face