Monday, June 30, 2014

monday walkin'

This is one of the current strays at the door of Lorraine. A small, very friendly kitten (not friendly to dogs however).
 Go home Ferdie you're drunk
 A huge park, but only one little patch is deserving of olfactory investigation.
I can't actually remember what they were looking at here - because it was either an incredibly well-behaved brown dog with its incredibly well-behaved owner, they both stopped so I could put these dogs on a lead, or it was a woman with a pram. Either way, the idea is to stand stock still and observe.
As per the above, where they're looking at ANOTHER woman with a pram.
 This for some reason got Ferdie all frisky and he started bothering Barry...
 who usually puts up with it.
Though it does get a bit full on at times. Ferdie doesn't know when to let up. He can't read visual cues in Barry's behaviour. That's not true, he can, they just make him more excited.

More sniff ops. I wonder how fox-ridden the reserve is (seen a couple over the years). I also wonder if fox piss is extra interesting because it's sort of a kind of dog like creature.

Go home Ferdie you're still drunk
 I mean really.

For some reason which I can't explain at this point the tables turned and Barry started harassing Ferdie with gusto. That doesn't happen often.

This last picture is Barry chasing Ferdie with a vengeance. The shadows are long aren't they. It was about 10:30 am.

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