Tuesday, June 03, 2014

never gonna give you up

I have been boring about this before; I must have got a bump on the head sometime in 1999 when I first heard We Ragazzi because I seriously can't get over that band. Amazingly, I know no-one who feels about them the way I do, with the possible exception of Jim White. I have talked to people who played on the same bill as WR in London a few years ago and mentioned how besotted I was with that band and they were like, 'really?'.

Anyway as I have previously mentioned, Wolves with Pretty Lips is totes my favourite, and at the moment I can't find my copy of the first album, so I went to the second, The Ache, which I have pretty much ignored to date because it doesn't have the incredible Aliannah Kalaba playing on it. But it's still 2/3 the classic people, so I figured, why not. And it is pretty extraordinary. And there is nothing of theirs on YouTube, and nothing anywhere, so I guess I will have to make a 'video' so I can play you a song. OK. Stay tuned.

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