Thursday, June 05, 2014

bmx track

I was surprised yesterday evening to discover that the council had razed - or rather, removed - the BMX track which was on the edge of the valley for, as far as I am aware, for forty years (I'm assuming this, only because I noted it was proposed in the 1973 recreational report commissioned by the City of Broadmeadows and that it sits atop the filled creek space which dates back to that time).

I enjoyed this construction though I did not adore the uses it was sometimes put to. But other uses I did enjoy. I can't remember when but I think I blogged it - this was the last place I saw Charlie play, a very rare experience. She was out with Kenzie and Barry and while she wasn't into running around with them, she ran around the track by herself just to get some of the extra excitement out of her system.

I know I have put tons of pics of this earthy facility here, but I can't find any right now except the one below from only last week or the week before:

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