Wednesday, May 28, 2014

wtf wednesday

Took Barry and Ferdie out again this morning for a brisk walk in the hope that this would prevent Ferdie from wanting to escape again today. Who knows. But we were surprised to see Giles and Giles' friend (never caught her name) who we also saw briefly last night. Giles, a very boisterous golden retriever, was all over Ferdie (and he also had what I thought at first was a bone but then realised was a small piece of wood in his mouth, which he wanted thrown to catch). Giles was all over us and is a big jumper-upper, which in a way I don't mind but I had a light-coloured jumper on I was hoping to wear to work today and the ground was wet, and also I suppose I think (in my tut-tut way) it is poor form in general. Anyway, he was jumping up on me and his owner (I think her name is Deborah?) was up on the hill with other dog and just calling his name. Ferdie got so excited by Giles' presence that he tore around and bowled right into my legs and knocked me completely over. I swear as I hit the ground I heard a 'crack', so maybe I'll be having x-rays in a few hours. Certainly it is slightly uncomfortable to breathe in deeply (!!!) or raise my arm above my head, but why would I want to do either of those things, really.

Ferdie ran up the hill to be with Giles' friend who is a beautiful border collie crossed with something white, and Giles continued to hang around Barry and me, and then Barry did something quite unexpected which he has never done before: sometimes a beagle will surprise you. He got between me and Giles and snapped at Giles. Barry defended me. I was so amazed and also, though Barry's concern was unwarranted, grateful. Beagles so often act so undoglike in their obliviousness to any feelings of loyalty to their owners that when you get an indication - or seem to, because I'm pretty sure he was defending me - you remember how the dynamic is meant to be. It was very touching.

About half an hour later when we were on the other side of the lake, Ferdie approached a middle-aged couple on the path and as is his wont ignored the man who was calling to him and went straight for the woman who wanted nothing to do with him, and jumped up on her. He is not Giles-size thank goodness but it was still awkward. The man did not mind (if it was his place to mind): 'Babies will do this,' he said.

PS Huge fish in the creek:

PPS: I wish the person who started this delightful mural (unless it was Harold Gray) would come down and dot the eyes or I'll get some black paint and do it myself damn it:

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