Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I nearly crashed the car this evening, it was while driving from Gowrie to Broady, if it had happened it would have been from the absolute dumbest thing: I was driving into the sun, so vision wasn't fabulous, but it was also getting a little gloomy, as that same sun was going down, but to my right, a car came around the roundabout that I didn't see for the simple reason that it was exactly the same colour as the light to the right - does that make sense? If I had been hit, not only would I have died never knowing what hit me, no-one else would ever have known how it happened. Well, they would have known how but not why I drove right into a car.

Shortly afterwards, I saw this:
Absolutely amazing. The sun's rays behind the cloud producing this incredible shadow on other cloud. Really incredible. I took a number of pictures of it, this was probably the best. 

I was taking Barry and Ferdy to the park when Joan from two doors up told me that Ferdy had got out twice today - both times she (or rather her daughter, Doreen) had put him back in the back yard. It's really worrying.

In the park, Ferdy and Barry met this little dog, Bailey, 15 weeks old. I think Ferdy was both pleased and a little disconcerted by Bailey's boisterousness. 

This is what Ferdy does when he first sees a dog coming towards him. He sits and watches. I think there is a real buildup of anticipation. Fair enough. 

He had kind of met his match I think which was fun to see. She was a very sweet little dog. 

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