Monday, May 26, 2014


I got a new computer at work because the old one (which I still thought of as new) was out of warranty and running very slow. Usual awkwardness with tech person because of course I have no idea how much stuff there is on my computer or where it is stored etc. Also when he asked me for my password I was almost uncertain whether this was a punkin' moment where I would write it down for him and he would slap my hand and say 'never give anyone your password'. But that didn't happen.

Now I am sitting here watching as it downloads 400+ work emails at a time from 2012 and 2011, to update my work email and I'm looking at all these things it's downloading and thinking, if I knew how to stop this I would, because it's basically meaningless stuff I don't need, and I would actually rather it updated my emails from today, rather than ones from three years ago, but how can you formulate that to a computer? Exactly, you can't.

Yes, I did go to the gym this morning, thanks for asking. Once again I am sure I am being punk'd because every time I go to my locker there is a nude man in front of it (different one each time) I can just imagine these actors being employed to participate in a charade which, as part of a montage, would amusingly show me always about to go to my locker and a nude man's arse suddenly hoves into view, and the arses are all oblivious to my unease. It certainly seems to be a constant. Also, the side project of someone always choosing, even when there are five rowing machines in a row and I am at one end, to use the machine next to me. That is also of course a deliberate tactic.

Very funny guys, how long is this going to go on for?!

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