Sunday, May 25, 2014

mangy wombats

In 18 months or is it two years I get my long service leave, which is firstly an extraordinary thought, and secondly a somewhat enticing one. I hope I don’t waste it. For a few months now I have had a fantasy of going to the Aland islands, which are a group of semi-autonomous islands under the jurisdiction of Finland and mainly Swedish-speaking and between Finland and Sweden. They do look very nice, though it might sensibly be asked, why? And also, it might sensibly be pointed out that I have never been to Norway, Denmark, Korea, Germany, Tierra del Fuego, Kangaroo Island, the Orkneys, Iceland, Nova Scotia and many other places I have long wanted to visit. If it comes to that I could handle spending a few weeks in Bairnsdale, really. And for that matter I could think of worse things than volunteering with elephants in Thailand.

The end of semester is always the time you (one) starts thinking about incredibly extensive holidays, anyway, far more than one needs. I don’t suppose any of my colleagues can afford to dash off instantly when semester’s teaching ends, but I have a feeling I might have even longer than most of being responsible, because I have various admin duties. I certainly do need a holiday though. When the fence is being repaired at Lorraine, I will go to my father’s holiday house for a few days with the dogs, and that will be a kind of a holiday. But I should probably go further afield if I can. At very least, go to my mother’s holiday house at Venus Bay, hang out with the mobsters, the mangy wombats and the kangaroos… but otherwise alone…

I am not a good holidayer, it’s true. I am wrapped up in my own self-importance and have to keep checking emails etc to make sure such-and-such a student has their draft in, etc. The usual crap. My supervisions never end, though of course I can very legitimately tell people I will be out of touch for a while (and in truth often they’re probably quite relieved, they can take a breather…). And there’s even a joke in there too (‘for a while?’ ha).

This has been a huge semester, at any rate. And it’s not letting up for a while yet.

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