Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Last night, or probably at about 5:07 this morning, I had a dream that I was trying to make friends with a millionaire dotcom youngster, a kind of Mark Zuckerberg character only more 80s, with a cap on backwards, the reason he was in my dream was surely that last night I was listening to On the Media and there was a portion of the program about Napster and Spotify. He was talking about a person I know who is a woman in indie rock who he claimed to have kissed. I expressed incredulity because she is in a long term relationship etc and he said 'you know, she can get all the attention she wants, just by wanting it' or something like that, and to my credit I was thinking, 'wow, I wanted to be this guy's friend because he's famous and rich, but actually he's kind of a boring dick.' Then I woke up because I had this absolutely shattering cramp in my leg which was just excruciating. And then I got up. It was 5:08 am.

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