Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Three days of Ferdinand

Ferdinand has now been with us for three days, and he is part of the family. It has been most intriguing watching him interact with Barry, who was (day 1) alarmed, (day 2) strategising ('this thing keeps demonstrating dominance over me... how do I deal with that?) (day 3) inviting play/ showing cameraderie (back in the old 'we're the dogs at the back door' mindset).

Already I am anticipating big Ferdinand. Our heater broke so Mia's mother bought him a little jacket, and already I was looking at it this morning thinking, this isn't going to fit you long (as it stands not all the studs do up).

He is affectionate, loves attention, and has yet to piss in the house or chew up something valuable (of course these things are only a matter of time, but that's not bad in three days).

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