Sunday, July 14, 2013

Charlie memories

She was a funny dog a lot of the time

See here and here for instance

She certainly did not back away from conflict (particularly when she could choose the battle):
See here and here.

She also knew how to relax when she wanted to

Excursions four years ago which we enjoyed here and here (there's at least one other in the series I can't find at the moment).

Anyway I was going to go through past posts and pick out some good ones but right now they are making me sad and also there is so much writing about Charlie in there I am just amazed at how much she has been documented.

Long time readers will by now have become familiar with my header pic of Millie and Charlie looking into the sunset on a walk in Meadow Heights. I have replaced it with what is probably my favourite picture of Charlie - taken only a few weeks ago. She was completely in her element. I have to admit the picture makes me feel terrible and I'm not even sure if I can leave it there.

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