Thursday, July 11, 2013

Charlie 11 July

The last few nights (but seemingly not last night - I haven't thoroughly checked) Charlie has vomited in the wee hours. For a few days we thought she was defecating (I nearly wrote shitting but that is too uncouth) in the night, in the beanbag in which she sleeps, but Mia saw her vomit last night and saw what it looked like - pale and caked. I guess Charlie has enough digestion to wring the moisture from the food but not enough to get it going all the way through (though something goes through, as she does still shit). It's not a pleasant way to be. Although she is still happy to go for walks, wants affection, and so on, she is also demonstrating some subtly new behaviours (last night she left the house to go and sit with Mia in the studio, this morning she wanted to go and lie in her bed outside - these are nonconforming behaviours, they don't mean much I suppose in themselves, but they're out of character). It is a very sad situation for us and for Charlie who has only ever wanted a few things out of life (one of which is, admittedly, supreme power over all). But she is a loyal and endearing personality and I did hope she'd have a long dotage.

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