Saturday, July 27, 2013

various nothings

I guess it will be like this for another week or so: Barry wakes up at 6, needs to go 'to the toilet' (you know he doesn't really go to any toilet) and then he doesn't want to be alone! So here I am scrolling through meaningless/irrelevant celebrity news items, facebook, emails etc etc while a dog goes deeply to sleep. The cats are also peculiar in their behaviour and synched into this 6 am thing, and Asha in particular misses the morning routines which I must admit I also really like with her in the warmer months, when the dog(s) remain(s) outside in the morning. It'll be like this for another week because Ferdinand is coming next weekend. Then, the only side of clingy Barry I will see is the old jealous Barry, who I'm fairly used to. I think Barry will be happier overall - he loves dogs - so that's what matters but I do like his attentiveness at the moment.

In other news. Saw Todd Rundgren twice last weekend, my 2nd and 3rd shows for the year. Bought a copy of TR's new album State on Amazon afew weeks ago and it finally arrived - I've only played side one so far (yes, I bought the double vinyl - I don't know why, I just did) and am particularly keen on a song called 'Ping Me'. I think it's the combination of a kind of silly Chris Montezesque lyric with solid hystrionic backing. Can't wait to play the other three sides.

Have now watched 2 1/2 episodes of season one of Game of Thrones. Still don't get it. Perhaps there will never be a moment when I go 'I can't wait to see what happens when...' (I'd pad that hypothetical out but I can't remember any of the characters' names). I mean it was necessary to start with the first season but it is of course the season based on the first book which I read a couple of years ago and found extremely uncompelling.

Anyway it's time to have breakfast, listen to the News Quiz and maybe try and sneak off back to bed, as Barry is now snoring. See you later.


Feronia said...

Stick with Game of Thrones, David. It's worth it.

David Nichols said...

I'll try but it's a slog. The first few episodes are so dull, plus it's a story I already know to be dull... but I do want to be on par with the zeitgeist or whatever it is...