Thursday, February 23, 2012

neighbours 2012

I had a great ride home - I went down Reynard. As I said to Mia, the Reynard route is almost perfect, except that at the end you go down a big hill and you have to then go up a big hill... that was my mistake. But I will work on it next week and sort out a route that avoids that dip, and things will go better. The upside is if you cross Bell St just near the Mary Poppins kindergarten, you go down a really weird set of streets, very uncommon for Melbourne.

Meanwhile Kyle told Kate off, with Jade behind a tree. I think Paul decided to adopt Sophie but I'm not entirely sure as Mia was telling me about a real life soap opera that was arguably more interesting i.e. Chris Gorman may or may not have broken his arm.

The bushes outside Kyle-Jade-Rhys' house really need work.

Kyle: 'taking off after another chick, pretty bad form. I realise that now.' The resolution of the valentine's day massacre arc. Hurrah. When is Jade going to admit she's damaged goods? Instead Sonya's telling her to run Kyle a bath. Oh boy.

I guess Sonya's nursery - the set thereof - is the old allotment. How about all these cross-cuts, or am I misappropriating misunderstood technical terms.

I still haven't watched The Straits. Should I? People say it's really good.


Mania said...

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David said...

Hi Mania, unfortunately this does not really link to a list but just a site for one driving school, also, the site is full of typing errors - someone's going to have to work on that - also, I don't know where this particular Alexandria is, and short of triangulating from other places mentioned on the site, it's really not clear. I don't know how I can use this service.

AB said...

Did Chrissie G break his arm by embracing foxy Samantha the Statue?