Thursday, February 02, 2012

neighbours 2012

I don't care much for this Audrey story - unlike most of Neighbours (aside from the formal lesson plans) it's too much like real life. Anyway, I suppose if Audrey actually does die, they'll have to change the opening credits, and I guess that'll be the opportunity to bring in Priya's family. Priya is such a dork. I suppose this will change when she has that affair with Callum. As for Freya Stafford and Michael Williams stuck under a table in that rather suggestive arrangement, who wants to think, let alone know, about that! At least we weren't then shown a train going into a tunnel.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps in the next ep a beanbag will explode.

I love the subtitles for the text messages.

Emilia is a bit of a moll.

David said...

Yeah I like the text message subtitles too, I was interested to see that Michael capitalises every word..