Thursday, February 02, 2012

neighbours 2012

Last night we went to dinner for Elizabeth McCarthy’s birthday, I twas really pleasant, Le Bangkok. So I didn’t get to watch Neighbours. So now I’m watching it this morning. It’s not as great in the morning as it is in the evening. That said, this is a great scene between Sophie and Corey (back in his spiderboy outfit) in Harold’s. As for Andrew the junior magnate, who cares. Rani and her Bollywood thing geez Neighbours is still like some old person who can't help trotting out the stereotypes, it's like seniors reading out signs on the road. Speaking of stereotypes Callum’s (aka Fatty Finn) ‘cool new milkshake flavour’, ‘7% choc, 20% caramel, the rest is malt’. How about Priya quizzing Michael Williams on why he ‘chose to deviate from the syllabus in Year 9’ ON THE FIRST DAY. He is so going to quit in the next week or so, and go on a killing spree with Freya Stafford like the old days. Where’s Tash going to stash her earrings. Speak of the devil (Freya Stafford) she brought an apple for the teacher, that’s so Glenview High.

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